Rajputana College came into existence in the year 2007-08. Its genesis lies in the joint vision of Sri Rajpal Singh Chauhan & Sri Sarvesh Singh Tomar & Mrs. Preeti Tomar. Their motivation and passion have been to facilitate the growth of country's young into educated & confident citizens capable of dealing with the modern world. 

The college is located in the quiet & serene area of over 7 acres in village Pratappur, Kashipur (Uttarakhand). Far from the din & dust of ever growing noisy environment of the nearby towns, the college campus is surrounded by lush green fields & nature. The campus is over a kilo meter to the west of the State High Way (No. 121) connecting Kashipur & Ramnagar. 

The noble mission of the school is to educate the children of the surrounding area into becoming mature & balanced persons. Ethical values, respect for the views of OTHERs & patriotism are some of the core issues which we try to inculcate in our students. 

Rajputana College believes in having our parents, teacher & community members actively involved in the student's learning process. We try to make children confident & creative builders of their future. Our focus is on the whole child by which we imply his/her overall growth with academic excellence in its core. 

Young children use their senses to explore, investigate and describe their environment and community. They begin to recognize similarities and differences in living things, objects and materials. At Rajputana College, we have meticulously assembled the facilities that help nurture your child's all-round development. In this caring, conducive environment your child will happily respond to and develop in a free and unrestrained manner. 

At Rajputana College, we believe in education that exceeds beyond the walls of the classroom, children are provided with opportunities to explore and express their ideas and failings through visual arts, music, drama, dance and sports etc. as they interact with a variety of materials, participate in individual and group activities. In this process, your child do not just kept active but involved, which is sure to aid faster development.


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