Dear Parents,
I belong to a Hindi speaking family. While raising my two children and educating them in an English medium school, I could realize the problem being faced by them. This holds true for most of the families in the near vicinity around us. At the same time, the importance of learning in English medium cannot be discounted. Good command over English language indeed serves as a force multiplier for any ambitious person as he/she moves ahead in his/her career. With my own experience cited above, I had this strong urge to do something for our children who have little or no exposure to the English language owing to their being born to Hindi speaking parents. 

Essentially driven by this idea, when by God's grace circumstances favorably converged, we decided to open your college. Our thrust is on exposing the children to English language in a gradual manner. The OTHER motivation is to see that our children grow up to become confident youth of tomorrow. There is no OTHER pleasure which can surpass this joyous feeling. Being a MOTHER I know it only too well. As parents, you are welcome to rejoice in the some way by seeing your child learning new things every day in Rajputana College With best wishes. 

Chair Person


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