Any school / college necessarily needs the cooperation of parents / guardians to properly groom & educate the children. The studies at school have to be supplemented with adequate study time at home. Parents have to ensure that children do not waste time as the syllabus for all classes is voluminous under the present day education system.

We advise the parents to ensure the following:
- Look at the student's school diary every day & see to it that the home work assigned for the        next day is done.
- Fix certain hours for studying at home & be strict with the child to observe this routine.
- Encourage your child to develop neatness as habit. The child should come to school in clean       and tidy uniform, polished shoes and hair properly combed.
- Parents should avoid to criticize the teacher or the school in the presence of the children. If         there is a grievance or a complaint, please talk to the college management directly.
- As most of the children come from Hindi speaking families, children should be encouraged to     do a certain amount of regular english conversation at home.
- Parents should be strict with children as far as going to school is concerned. Regular school         attendance IS A MUST. Absence from school on trivial ground will not be allowed.
- The college's day to day functioning and growth is financed by the fees paid by you. Please         ensure timely payment of fees.


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