1. Children must be in the College Campus at least ten minutes before the time fixed for the           college to commence.
2. Attendance in College should be regular. Leave of absence must be applied for which may/         may not be granted.
3. Children are not allowed to wear jewellery or bring valuables to College. The College is not          responsible for the loss of jewellery, money or OTHER such valuables brought to college by        the children.
4. Children should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. Uniform is to be worn on all days.
5. Running, playing, shouting and unruly behavior inside College building is not allowed.
6. Parents and guardians are not permitted to enter classrooms during class hours without             permission.
7. The name and class of the pupil should be clearly marked on all his/ her belongings
8. No Pupil may leave the College premises during the College hours and interval without the         prior permission of Principal.
9. The College reserves the right to ask the parents to withdraw their children if their progress          in studies is not satisfactory, their attendance is below 75% or their conduct is not good              towards OTHER students.
10. Honesty, cleanliness of dress and loyalty to college are demanded and expected of each              student.
11. Immorality, insubordination, contempt of authority or damage to property will be a                     sufficient reason for immediate expulsion of the student.
12. Students are admitted in the college at their own risk. College will not be responsible for             any injury or loss of books and stationery.
13. Student is not allowed to carry mobile phone in the college.


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